My Resume


Sub-Deacon Vladimir Grygorenko, Master Iconographer


[email protected] .    (214) 228 9821 (mobile)




United States Citizen.

Status obtained as a person with extraordinary abilities

Field of Expertise

Traditional Paleo-Christian, Byzantine and Roman Iconography and Murals. Complete system of Church decoration using both traditional and contemporary media. Educational talks about Iconography. Design and Supervision of Iconography projects and church remodeling.


Creating comprehensive Church adornments according to Orthodox tradition. Expert in Egg Tempera, Acrylic and KEIM Silicate Murals painting, as well as in Mosaic design and execution, Encaustic, Casein and Oil painting, Watercolor, Drawing and Composing. Extensive experience in Burnished and Matte Gold leaf application, preparation of hand-made paints and supports for various media.

Professional affiliation


Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space (ACLS)

Christians in Visual Arts (CIVA)


“Sacred Art Prize 2022". International Juried Art Competition. Catholic Art Institute

Second Prize: Murals in the Nave of St. Gregory Palamas Monastery.

“Sacred Art Prize 2020". International Juried Art Competition. Catholic Art Institute. 

Honorable Mention: "THE ANNUNCIATION"

Finalist: "SALUS POPULI ROMANI" and Murals in St. Gregory Monastery.

“Annual Keller Art Show” Juried Exhibition at Keller City Hall, Keller, TX. 2019

First Place: “THE CRUCIFIXION”, Mixed Media, 2018

Second Place: “ICON OF MOTHER OF OUR LORD”, Mixed Media. 2019

Most Notable Commissions


2023: Murals at Holy Ascension Church (OCA) Charleston, SC.

2022: Exterior Mosaic at Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI. (in collaboration with M. Andrews)

2022: Murals in the Altar at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Saginaw, MI.

2020-present: Murals in St. Gregory Palamas Greek Orthodox Monastery, Perrisville, OH

2018: Murals in Exo-Narthex at St. Seraphim Cathedral, Dallas, TX
2018: Exterior Mosaic over the entrance at St. Seraphim Cathedral, Dallas, TX

2018: Exterior Murals at Holy Resurrection Church (OCA) Clinton, MS.

2018: Exterior Murals at St. John Damascus Church (OCA) Tyler, TX.
2017: Murals for Cupola in  the  Holy Apostles Church (OCA) Tulsa, OK
2017: Murals in the Narthex at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Euless, TX
2016: Iconostasis at St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church, Waco, TX
2016: Murals in cupola and pendentives in Holy Ascension Church (OCA), Charleston, SC.
2015: Exterior Crucifix at Nativity Monastery (OCA), Kemp, TX
2014-2015: Design, Murals and Icons for Abp. Dmitri Memorial Chapel, Dallas, TX
2013 Murals in St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church, (ACROD), Seaford, NY
2012-2013: Murals in St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Euless, TX.
2011 Iconostasis in St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Euless, TX.
2010 Iconostasis for St. John the Forerunner Antiochian Orthodox Church, Cedar Park, TX.
2009 Icons for Holy Trinity Episcopalian Church. Tulsa, OK.
2007 Iconostasis for Holy Apostles Church (OCA) Tulsa, OK.
2005 Icons for the iconostasis in St Paul Church (OCA), Denison, TX.
2002-2009: Murals (Complete interior decoration) in St Seraphim Cathedral (OCA), Dallas, TX.
2001 Iconostasis in St Seraphim Cathedral (OCA), Dallas, TX.
1996 Iconostasis in Church of All Saints “Na Pobede”. (ROC) Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
1994 Iconostasis in Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, (ROC) Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Juried Exhibitions


2022: Sacred Art Prize Competition. Catholic Arts institute

2021: Solo Exhibition, Whites Chapel UMC, Southlake, TX

2020: Online Sacred Art Competition and Exhibition, Catholic Arts institute.

2019: “Annual Keller Art Show, Keller City Hall, Keller, TX.

2009: Solo exhibition at Lovers Lane UMC, Dallas, TX

1991: Group exhibition “Anthropomorphic Spaces”, Dnipro, Ukraine

1991: Group exhibition, Artist’s Union of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine

1990: “Travel Art Show” Gallery “SovArt”, Moscow-Limassol

1990: Group exhibition, All-Ukrainian Fine Art Show, Kiev, Ukraine

1985: Group exhibition, DSU Art show, Dnipro, Ukraine


Museum Collections


Dnipro State Museum of Fine Art, Dnipro, Ukraine

St. Philaret Orthodox Christian Institute, Moscow, Russia

Gallery “SovArt”, Moscow, Russia.


Publications and Citations


“AN INTERVIEW WITH ICONOGRAPHER VLADIMIR GRYGORENKO - His Recent Work and Developing Style  The Orthodox Arts Journal, Editorial. 2019

“PAINTING A MAGNIFICENT DOME IN SOUTH CAROLINA” The Orthodox Arts Journal, Editorial. 2016

"REDISCOVERING ICONOGRAPHY" Vladimir Grygorenko and Post-Soviet Revitalization By Shanna Wright, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, TX. 2016

 “THE ARCHBISHOP DMITRI MEMORIAL CHAPEL – An Interview with Iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko” The Orthodox Arts Journal, By Andrew Gould. 2015

“ST JOHN THE BAPTIST IN EULESS, TEXAS”  The Orthodox Arts Journal, By Fr. Patrick O’Rourke. 2012

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“RUSSIAN CULTURE, PROPERTY RIGHTS, AND THE MARKET ECONOMY” by Dr. Uriel Proccaccia. Published by Cambridge University Press. 2006.




1983-1990 Painting. Dnipropetrovsk State University, Department of Fine Art, Ukraine.

1982-1987 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Dnipropetrovsk State University, Ukraine.


Additional Training


2016 Mosaic Art School, Ravenna, Italy.

2007 Theological College of St. Philaret Orthodox Institute, Moscow, Russia

2006 KEIM Silicate Painting, advance level. KEIM Training Center, Charleston, NC.

2004 Advanced Iconography classes, taught by Archimandrite ZINON, Pskov, Russia.

1999 Byzantine Iconography courses, taught by Archimandrite ZINON, Pskov, Russia.

1991 Self-trained in Traditional Iconography (Russian Style)

Media Coverage


2021  Radio podcast with Fr. Tom Soroka, Ancient Faith Radio.

2013 “The Iconographer in St. Seraphim Cathedral” Editorials, Dallas Telegraph.

2012 “Christians in Visual Arts: Vladimir Grygorenko.” SEEN Journals, CIVA Publication.

2008 “Painter’s 8-year effort at Dallas Orthodox church nearly done” by Roy Appleton; The Dallas Morning News.

2007 “The Icon That Wasn’t” Editorials, Dallas Morning News.

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