Commission an icon


I accept commissions for custom icons, mosaics, iconostases (icon screens), and large-scale church murals.

A custom icon requires at least two weeks to complete, and additional time will be needed in cases of custom size boards and compositions. Please read more about Egg Tempera method I am using for iconography here.

To reserve time in my painting schedule, a 15% non-refundable deposit is required. After the icon is complete but not varnished, I will send a high-resolution photo for your final approval.

The remaining payment and shipping charges will be due before icon is shipped.

Please contact me to discuss details.

few options

From the very beginning of Church Art, properly executed icons were not cheap. 

Real gold, mineral pigments, semiprecious stone are very expensive  (some of stones I use cost me more per gram than 23K gold of same weight!) but even more costly is the time I need to spend in order to make the icon to help, rather than be a distraction in your prayers.

If I am not satisfied with the image, I sometimes have to scrape down an almost-completed icon and start over.

While I do my best to keep price down, given the quality of materials, and the necessary time, I simply cannot afford to paint “a little icon for $200 to give as a gift” © …

If you are on a tight budget – please contact me to set up a payment plan. If that is still expensive – please consider buying printed icons, mounted on wood.