Murals at this page have been made using either KEIM Silicate paint, or Modified Acrylic Tempera method.


KEIM Silicate Paint


I believe that this is the best material available for iconography today. It not only performs better and lasts longer than Traditional Fresco painting, but it also does not require the labor-intensive and messy process of wall preparation.

Murals created with this contemporary material look almost the same as those in ancient churches done in Fresco.

KEIM Paint was invented in the 19th Century by a German chemist, Dr. A.W. Keim. Unlike traditional painting material, this paint does not form a film on the surface, but makes both mechanical and chemical bonds with the substrate, in which it penetrates deeply. As a result, the paint will never “peel off” or fade, and thus is equally good for interior or exterior application.

In order to use its benefits, this painting system requires special skills and experience from the artist who is using it.

I am proud to be the first iconographer in the United States, who attended KEIM workshops in Charlotte, NC in 2009, and have been certified by KEIM USA to use this material.


Modified Acrylic Tempera


There are many modern-day churches built using gypsum board and gypsum plaster. In some cases, use of KEIM silica paints in these buildings is not practical.

In such cases I offer a modern solution to replicate the subtle and transparent appearance of ancient frescoes.

Using my own hand-ground mineral pigments (like those used for panel icons) mixed with an acrylic emulsion, I created a superior replacement to conventional acrylic paints. The next necessary step when working on gypsum surfaces includes reinforcing with a strong synthetic canvas, and then cover with two coats of a special gesso. Once the mural is completed, it is covered with a protective varnish, which waterproofs and gives a matte (non-reflective) finish to the composition. This last step also provides additional durability and longevity.

Please feel free to contact me for a price quote or with any questions.