I accept commissions for the creation of iconostases, complete systems of church decoration of any scale, icons for personal devotion, and so forth.

If your parish is in need of remodeling, I can create a comprehensive system of Church decoration, including iconostasis, interior and exterior murals, and road signs for churches. Working in close cooperation with the team of experienced builders and contractors, I am able to complete your entire project from the sketch to finishing point. If you just start a mission parish and don’t know where to start your Building program – please contact me for an advice how to avoid common mistakes in building contemporary Orthodox Church.

I also lecture about Iconography and the Orthodox Christian faith in Churches and on College campuses.

Please feel free to contact me for an advice, price quote or an estimate.

Icons Available For Sale:

Icon of Christ. Egg Tempera, burnished 23K Gold, gemstones. 11” by 14”

Icon of Mother of God, Egg Tempera, burnished 23K Gold. 11” by 14”

Icon of Saint Nickolas. Egg Tempera, burnished 23K Gold. 11” by 17”

Icon of Christ “In the Glory”. Egg Tempera, burnished 23K Gold. 15” by 15”


Icon of Iveron Mother of God. Sold!

Icon of Theotokos “Oranta”. Egg Tempera on wooden panel, 23K gold. 14 1/2” by 31 1/2”


Image of Christ The Savior. 15” by 20”


Dimensions: 18” by 27” Tempera on the wood panel, mineral pigments, 23Karat burnished gold leaf, gemstones.

SOLD **!

Mural For Sale:

St. Seraphim of Sarov. KEIM Silica paint over Cement panel, 1/2” thick.

Image of Christ “Not Made By Hand,
17” by19” KEIM Silicate paint, over cement board, framed.


Please, contact me for more details.

Vladimir Grygorenko Iconography