+ His Eminence Dmitri, Archbishop of Dallas and the South:

*One of the best evaluations of the art that adorns our Cathedral of St. Seraphim and of the iconographer himself, Vladimir Grygorenko, came from a stranger, a visitor to our Cathedral. He was, to use his own introductory identification, an evangelical Christian. When he came to our cathedral, he was, as he expressed it, stunned to see “So much Bible” on its walls and ceiling. From the wedding feast at Cana to the disciples at Emmaus, he immediately recognized the biblical content of the art. In his own words, the artist was, without any doubt, a profound believer as well as a consummate master of his art. This man has since that time became an orthodox Christian.

Vladimir’s decision to remain in Dallas as a member of St. Seraphim Cathedral was for us a great joy. He has since that time become a reader and a Subdeacon. The conviction, the deep faith, of the artist is reflected in the faces of those who are depicted. The Incarnate Son of God was seen and heard by his contemporaries, and now since He shows Himself and speaks to us through His icons and the events of His earthly life, their experience becomes our own.*

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Galina F. Shamray, Dnepropetrovsk State Museum of National History:

“The choice of the artist for the creation of the iconostasis and murals in St. Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas, TX was not accidental. By 2000 Vladimir Grigorenko had grown into one of the best iconographers in Ukraine. His icons and murals are strictly canonical; their images are full of harmony and beauty; the choices of colors are formal and reserved. His compositions are very accurate and well balanced, and all his work demonstrates great sense of style and ensemble…”

Vladimir Grygorenko Iconography