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Saturday, November 2 2013

This morning we have celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the grave of Archbishop Dmitri (Royster). As it happens three times a year, many people from all across Dallas Metroplex gather together at the Cemetery to share Divine Gifts with our beloved Father in Christ…. For my family, Vladika was not only a spiritual father for 11 years – by his own example he taught us what the American Orthodoxy really is… and not only us - every member of Diocese of South are his spiritual fruits in the Lord. I have been fortunate enough to travel with Vladika thought the Diocese and serve him as a Subdeacon. Most of the time I have my camera with me – so below are some pictures of few last years of his life. Early images of Vladika had been graciously offered to us by Ms. Olga Zebrun.

I believe that eventually Vladika Dmitri will be canonized by the Church as North American Saint…

Today, November 2, would have been Vladyka Dmitri’s 90th birthday. May God grant that his memory be eternal! His soul shall dwell with the blessed, and his memory is from generation to generation! What a privilege it was to get to know Vladyka Dmitri, to serve with him and to be under his direction. He had attained profound wisdom and pastoral understanding. Vladyka Dmitri’s vision constituted the Diocese of the South; his pastoral guidance equipped the priests and other clergy, and inspired the faithful. He had an authentic vision of conciliarity, actualizing true hierarchical leadership in the community of the faithful. Real conciliarity is always synergy, cooperation out of love and respect, in a spirit of obedience. It unites and transforms. We see in hierarchs such as Vladyka Dmitri one who not only received the charism (gift) of the Holy Spirit to discern, to direct and to lead; but one who was not afraid to use it. Surrounded by his disciples in a state of authentic Christian love and obedience, Vladyka inspired a whole generation of clergy and faithful to take up the yoke of Christ, the preach the Gospel and to work sacrificially to incarnate the Church. It was a task undertaken together, as a united body, with a common life and common vision, with a common obedience. May the Lord grant him a worthy successor, who shares this vision and who will maintain the legacy our blessed father in Christ, Archbishop Dmitri!

Metropolitan +Jonah (Paffhausen), retired Primate of OCA.


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