Pentecost Mural Completed

Tuesday, April 2 2013

Murals in St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Euless, TX are finished! Scaffolding is removed and I finally was able to make some pictures.

During last few days I was able to complete the Platitera, which was left undone due to lack of time before the “Tirannixia” (blessing of the Church). Originally, I planned to add inscriptions and make some touch-ups, but when I was able to get there, I have all faces repainted instead… I hope it looks better now….

For those who are interested in technical details: These murals are done in KEIM silicate paint over lime plaster. I like this material - even though it is more difficult for an artist to use its permanence and authentic appearance definitely worth it. And: you have to work on-site, from scaffolding, which has its own benefits – artist would be able to adjust the composition and colors in accordance with surroundings.

Please, come to St. John to view the result!


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