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Tuesday, November 26 2013

In my 14 years practicing iconography in US, I have made hundreds of panel icons, many icon screens (in Eastern Church we call them “iconostasis”), and decorated several Churches with large wall murals. Since most of my works are wall murals or large panel icons involved in active Liturgical life, I would not be able to display them here.

However, iconography is a very labor-intensive process, during which you need to make a full size sketch of each image before you start to make actual icon or mural. Some of these sketches were destroyed in the process, while others survived and have been stored in my studio for years until my dear friend Ms. Lawan Glasscock found them and convinced me to display them at the Advent Show.

These are the very sketches you see here today. They have been used for work preparation in three large Churches in Texas: Saint Seraphim in Dallas, Saint John the Baptist in Euless, Saint John the Forerunner in Cedar Park and Holy Apostles Mission in Bixby, Oklahoma, as well as in a number of private commissions.

Please, do not be confused with the rather “rough look” of some images – they were used (sometimes even abused!) while I work with them, but I believe this only adds authenticity to their appearance. You can find photographs of the finished work below most of the sketches.



  • 1 At 11:44 am Dec/12/13 Lawan said...

    The work is beyond description. I am thrilled that more people will enjoy these works during Advent and Christmas season. I pray that they augment our celebration of the Incarnation in new ways. Thank you for sharing them with the Dallas community.

  • 2 At 1:37 pm Dec/12/13 Vladimir Grigorenko said...

    Thank you, Lawan! You are very kind!

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